March Of Time II

This week I found a nice short article as published in the ‘Nieuwe Leidse Courant’ on May 22nd 1970. I have translated the text below in case your Dutch knowledge is not that well developed. This was approximately 8 years before the Ericofon was introduced in The Netherlands. Can you imagine that one model has such a long lifecycle today?

Futuristic Telephone

According to an investigation in West-Germany, 8% of our neighbors has a telephone in… the bathroom. In that same room, 38% of the Germans read. The bathroom is becoming a sort of relax-room, a new status-symbol. Of course a room like that deserves a special telephone.

A bright future is being predicted for this modern model where – we cannot see it very well in the picture – the dial face is in the bottom of the phone.

The Ericofon is available in 9 different colors so you are able to extensively harmonize with your interior: red, pink, yellow, green, blue, gray, ivory, tan or white. ALL parts, microphone, telephone and dial face are combined in one thermoplastic housing.

The phone has a comfortable fit in your hand, and when one picks up the phone, the dial face comes towards you. This is extremely handy for ill people, the elderly or very hasty businessmen.

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