Yesterday I watched a Dutch movie on the abduction of Freddy Heineken, the owner of the Heineken beercompany, in The Netherlands in 1983. The movie was made in 2011.

On the picture the girl is going for the truth. She’s calling her boyfriend with a nice red Ericofon which resulted in the localization of one of the criminals.


Actually it is half the truth. The Ericofon used is not a typical Dutch model. The color is Mandarin Red, not PTT Red and the dial face is not black but white. There is also a text on the dial face that I cannot read. The British Post Office tends to place texts on the dial face.

There were Mandarins around in The Netherlands, but they are not very common. Usually they are found in the borderregion with Germany (imported?), not in Amsterdam where this event was located.

Nevertheless it could still be historically correct, but I doubt. The Ericofon is found numerous times in the media. There are a lot of appearances in movies.

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