This time I want to focus on a few differences in the New Case shells that are kind of mysterious. These “deviations” do not occur on Old Case and Touch Tone shells, only on the New Cases.

A very long time ago, I already mentioned it when it comes to the holes in the earpiece. From the picture below you can see the 2 types of holes appearing on the New Case earpiece: 13 mm and 18mm.

In my collection the typical 3 Dutch and 1 UK models have the left type of earpiece. These 4 only exist with this type. But I have seen both types on Crystal Mint, Mandarin Red, Persian Gray and Wedgewood so far. And maybe they appear on more.

Another wraithlike appearance is the width of the ‘neck’ at the smallest point. In the picture below it is visualized, on 2 Sahara New Cases, what is meant with that.

With New Case (either Flat or Wedge) I can find both versions. Of the 51 new cases in my collection, 1/3 has 3 cm necks. The other 2/3 has a 3.5 cm width.

Nobody seems to know where these differences come from. In both cases the mold should be actually different. Age does not seem to be an issue, North Electric versus LME does not seem be an issue. It looks totally random…

It is a mystery.

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