Worship The Glitch

Here’s the first arrival from the last post. An old case Charcoal from 1966. 🙂

The case has a small crack in the top. Actually it looks like a scratch but I think it is not only in the surface but through the whole plastic. This cannot really be checked since it is in the top of the earpiece, on the back. Unless I want to remove the earpiece, there is no way of fixing anything. You can see it in the image on the right, just a bit.


I will not even try to fix it as I am very happy with the phone as it is. There are some minor scuffs and regular usage marks, nothing to worry about.

Actually I got the shell only. It was not looking too well but after a good cleansing and a polishing treatment it is looking great. The contact pads on the inside were missing, so I had to solder them in as well. Also the chassis and the dialface are unfortunately not original. Since I have a box with spareparts, I could compile a nice phone, very close to the original one. But there is still room for some small improvements though. Anyway, it displays very nicely.

This Charcoal is normally not so very easy to get , I was lucky.


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