Wait, Then Return

In the previous post I showed the Norwegian phone I received, with the Oslo specific dial face. It is nice to see it in combination with the, also deviating from the later standard, Telia dial face from Sweden.

The 2 are perfectly in reverse. re-and-verse

I expect that by now I have about 12 different rotary dial faces for the Ericofon. There should be over 20 around.

Most special are the Arabic and the typical Oslo dials.

Most wanted at this moment is the Chinese version. And, does a Cyrillic exist? Not sure.

Did you know that the first patent for a rotary dial was filed by A.B. Strowger on December 21, 1891? The early versions of the rotary dial used lugs on a finger plate instead of the holes as we know them. The rotary dial with finger holes were first introduced in 1904 but did not enter service in the United States until 1919, when AT&T decided to swtich from manual to automatic exchanges. Thinking about push buttons being introduced in the 1980’s on a large scale, the dial face did survive about 70 years of active service.

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