Time Machines

This beautiful Persian Gray turned 60 years. From the outside you cannot tell because the shell has not yellowed at all which is often the case with gray models. Some colors suffer more from sun and smoke aging and gray is one of them. But not this beauty!

However, from the inside there are multiple signs that this Ericofon is indeed 60 years old and therefore originating from 1964. This is by the way the oldest wedge shaped shell in my collection.

The age can normally be verified from at least 3 points on the inside. The shell often indicates the week number and year of production (32 64), the microphone does the same (6-64). But also the chassis is giving a similar hint (31 64).

Although this phone is very consistent in its age, not all Ericofons are. Dates are not always there, or readable. But if they are, the phones are mostly put together from older and newer parts. That is quite normal as production of parts and assembly are 2 different processes. They are real time machines 🙂

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