The 700’s

There are only 5 different Ericofon 700’s if I am well informed. In the past couple of months I was able to get 2. In fact I was never intending to collect them because I fell in love with the old 600 model. But, as always, lines blur and you get carried away.


They are also equiped with the 2 different dial faces there are for the 700 model. An 11 and a 12 version button type. At least the 700 makes life less complicated.

Yeah, yeah, I need to get a gasket for the orange. I know.

4 thoughts on “The 700’s

  1. Thor Krafft

    Regarding the 700’s, there also exist a very rare limited edition golden version. Making it 6 colors 🙂


    1. admin Post author

      Ah, I never saw the golden one. There is a clear version however which makes it 7 then. I’ll try to stick to the regular market colors for the moment.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Doug,

      yes, someone in Sweden has them for sale. Please check in the article ‘Circles of Mania’. There is an email address posted.

      Good luck!


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