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A very special week sofar. Besides 2 interesting Ericofons I ran into, I was able to track down 3 nice phones for my own collection. A Sandalwood with an old ear-piece, an ‘undefined blue’ new ear-piece model and an Orange 700 model. You can see them below but the pictures are not mine.

The Sandalwood phone has a few spots, but nothing to worry about, I think. I did not have the old ear-piece in this color yet. Update: Great phone. Looks nice and shiny after some treatment.

The blue phone is a special case in more than one way. There is a stain that needs some treatment. I do not think it is a nasty one, but it needs to be removed. But the most exciting part is that I do not have a clue on the exact color.  It is either Aqua Mist or Nordic Blue. I hope for the latter, but both are good. Update: it is a Wedgewood, and I sure did not expect that.  🙁  Nice detail is that it came with a country specific dial face. I’ll make it like brandnew and resell it I guess. Should be okay.


The orange 700 model is in good shape and seems to be functioning. This is the first orange Ericofon I have. The 600 model from the BPO is still on the wishlist. Update: The orange is a great phone. Only need to get a new gasket.

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