As of next week I will be receiving 3 new phones. And I am so excited! It took a while but finally I will have some models that I really wanted for quite some time.

The Old Case Mandarin and the BPO Orange models were the first ones that I cought.

The Mandarin is pretty good and besides cleaning no additional work is needed. This makes the 3rd Mandarin, so I have all 3 models now. Previously I only had all three models in Sahara. Update: This phone just arrived and is great!

The BPO Orange needs a crack to be worked on and some polishing, but it will turn out nice. Since I also have the 700 Orange, I have all orange shells, in the end it is our national color… Update: This one also arrived and the sticker on top was easily removed without leaving a spot. The crack is not that bad and can be fixed. So also this phone is going to be a great asset.

On top of that I got a Taj Mahal Touch Tone. Yeah, my first Touch Tone Ericofon!! I hope is it turning out not to be too yellowed. Update: this phone is in very nice shape as well. It is somewhat yellowed, but not that much that I have to restore the color and sand it.

When they have arrived and I have made them ‘collection ready’ I will post for sure some pictures. Update:


Central theme this weekend was the Ericofon. Besides the 3 new ones I spend quite some time polishing and refurbishing some models I got on local flea-markets. These PTT models will be for trading. So if you are interested in the PTT Ericofons and you have something for me…

Can’t wait!

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