Well okay, I am a telecom professional from The Netherlands and one of my passions is the Ericsson Ericofon.

The Ericofon is a fabulous innovative telephone, designed as from the early 1940’s by Ericsson in Sweden. The initial idea was from 1939 but the commercial launch was in 1956. The model has gone through several redesigns since then and finally in the early 1980’s it was taken from production. A life cycle of approximately 25 years! There is a lot of information on this telephone available on the internet. And it can be seen in several modern design museums as well.


This model was so innovative and so beautifully designed that early 2013 I was ‘contaminated’ with the Ericofon-virus and I decided to start my own modest collection. Of course the first 3 phones were the Dutch PTT trio as they were relatively easy to get where I live.

Slowly I ended up in collecting, repairing, trading and re-selling this telephone to the best of my knowledge and skills. I learned a lot from Richard Rose, who owns the website www.ericofon.com. But also I learned from other collectors that I talk to, from all over the world.

This blog is not about the history, it is about my passion for this phone in all its shapes and variations. Of course I will touch upon topics and explain some aspects of the phone.

All pictures on this blog are taken by myself and are from my own collection when no external source is mentioned. I do not work on the pictures in any image processing program like Photoshop or anything else. They are shown as they come from the my camera. Okay, sometimes I adjust the size or cut disturbing elements, but that’s it.

The images on this page are from the Ericsson archive. The one below roughly shows the 600 and 700 models in 1 design drawing.


Well, I plan to update regularly. If you have any questions, are willing to trade or if you want to share good tips, do not hesitate. If you have an idea on a post, let me know as well.

If you are planning to re-use one of my pictures for books/online posts etc, please notify me upfront. If you think you own one of the pictures on this site, please let me know as well. There is absolutely no bad intention.

I hope you enjoy reading!

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  1. Mike

    Hi, I started collecting Cobras last year. I don’t have many as you. You have a great collection! Anyway I just came across two lots of X10 phones (Manual Service or CB model) one in dark blue, I believe you call it wedgwood blue. They are first body tall ones and inside they have the earphone connects to contacts on body. Two weeks later I found another lot of X9 (Manual Service or CB model) in Ivory color I believe you call them Candle Glow also first tall body. Anyway both lots I was told belonged to a Hotel from the 5o’s or 60’s. I am writing this to you because I read in one of your sections I think (January 2016) that you are not sure if long bodies came with CB plate.


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