Monthly Archives: June 2017

Contains a Disclaimer

Late yesterday evening I encountered an Old Case Ericofon on the internet. Suspected color: Riviera.

Quick action was needed as it was already getting late here in the Netherlands and I definitly needed to get some sleep.

So I contacted the owner and asked him to open up the phone and identify the exact color. The answer came right away and I expected an email with 520540 in big letters… But what do you think? Right… no code inside.

So, the color is ‘a bit’ undefined here. As I am not sure what the exact color is the final price was negociable.

On all the laptops, phones and tablets in the house I checked the color with my own Riviera (new case flat). All screens show a totally different shade of the color. But this seems to be the color I am looking for. I hope it is not a Petal Pink or a Sahara.

So… now I will be waiting under the mailbox for a week or 2, I guess. With a disclaimer on the color until it arrives.

It will come from Fargo in the US. For those who have seen the movie, you can for sure imagine what I will do with the seller if this is not a Riviera… Seems to be local folklore.

The latter comes with a disclaimer too. 😉

Update 29/06/2017:

Yes! This is a Riviera!!! 🙂 There is no color code inside this one, but the outside and the inside are exactly the same color. So I am very happy to announce that my second Riviera is a fact now.