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Circles of Mania II

Just yesterday I received 2 Sandalwood models with a special dial face. Actually I bought the 2 phones because of the dial faces.

Due to shortage of Ericofons in the US, North Electric imported phones from Sweden or other markets. Those were then adapted to the specific US market needs.

To rebrand this dial face from Swedish to US type, a sticker on the outer part of the dial face has been applied to have the typical letters available.

More information on rebranding can be found in a previous post on these circles of mania.

Update 17/09/2021:

Seems like this is also some kind of ‘official’ rebranding of the dial face. Never seen this one before but it looks quite professional. The picture I found somewhere on the web.

Update 06/03/2023:

Seems like this is again some kind of ‘official’ rebranding of the dial face. In this case from 1-0 to 0-9 for Swedish use. This one I have received on a model from Sweden.

Update 21/06/2024:

This is rebranding from the US to the SE variant. The opposite of the first one in the post. The picture is from the web.