Monthly Archives: June 2016

Wrong Eye

In the past few weeks I obtained 2 rather hard to get colors: an Old Case Nordic Blue and New Case (flat) Riviera.

With a ‘wrong eye’ you can sometimes not determine the exact color of the phones, especially when you buy phones online. Certain colors are hard to photograph: the light, the camera, the monitor, it is all influencing what you see in the end. Not 100% but pretty sure, I discovered some special phones a few weeks ago. Both phones did not have a color code inside, so they could not be checked upfront with the vendors. But I decided to buy them anyway and take the chance. And I did have a ‘good eye’ this time. Both were as expected.

For color reference I made a few pictures to see the difference between the Nordic and Riviera and the closest colors in their range.


From left to right and top to bottom: Petal Pink, Princess Pink, Riviera, Taj Mahal. The Riviera is a bonish pink, getting close to Taj Mahal.


From left to right and top to bottom: Persian Gray, Taj Mahal, Nordic Blue. Actually the Nordic Blue is not so very blue if you compare it with Wedgewood or Aqua Mist. It is more a light gray with a blue tinge.

Both colors I had never seen before other than on pictures. As I am not into pink that much, I do not really like the Riviera, however, the Nordic Blue is a very nice pale blue color, beautiful!