Monthly Archives: September 2014

Golden Hole

I noticed that some of the cases had a different setup of the holes in the ear-piece. The 3 Dutch PTT Ericofons (Red, Brown and White) always have the ‘small’ setup. I have not seen another version there.


But sofar these PTT phones are the only ones I have seen with the small version, except for the Persian Gray which I have in both versions as you can see. On the left the small version, on the right the large. It is just a small detail that I ran into. Not that important.


New Gaskets

Finally I applied some new gaskets on the 700 models. Not all 4 had gaskets yet and I was able to get some although they were quite expensive. But I am really happy with them.


In the meantime I have 4 700 models. Three different colors, but the green one is double. From the shells and dial faces you can see the differences.

The 11 digit dial faces are the newest ones and these also have the RJ45 connector in the shell. They are equiped with the ‘R’ button for redialing. The 12th button space is left empty. The large red button has the text ‘Ericofon’ sort of engraved in it.

The older models have 12 buttons where the ‘#’ and the ‘*’ are dummy and not used. They have a ‘normal’ cord connection that feeds the cord to the inside. The large red button has a white/black shiny text ‘Ericofon’.

So the green model I have in both variations. One of the phones originally had a gasket with ‘Post Office Property’ pressed into it. Unfortunately it was crumbly and I had to replace it. And even more unfortunate, these specific British gaskets are not available anymore.

On the shelf there is room for the brown and the blue models. They will be difficult to get. But somehwere they will appear. 😉

Er(ot)icofon ;-)

Since you are visiting this site you most likely see the sensual side of the Ericofon as well 😉 It is just a sexy phone.

Below is a nice clip from… well, just watch.

The image below seems to be from a Danish adult magazine. I found it on the web somewhere and couldn’t resist posting it.



And some other nice phone with a lady attached to it.