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Sanding The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal phone that I recently received was, as expected, not that white from the outside. It was ‘yellowed’ so I started to sand it off today.  It is hard to grab in a picture, but I tried to show the difference halfway the process.

TajMahalSanding1 TajMahalSanding2

It survived the sanding process and it is just great! See the result below. A Taj Mahal… bright white.


By the way, the phone in the pictures here is not the Taj Mahal from the post below, the one with the crack. This in fact is my second (old ear-piece) Taj Mahal. When I reworked the other one I forgot to take pictures. Too busy sanding and polishing. That one looks nice too, but this one is much better. The discoloring of the first one was much deeper into the phones’ surface and not totally gone after restoration.

Now I got another Taj Mahal on its way… an old case. Update: it turned out to be a Candle Glow old case. The case is not yellowed at all but has the normal yellow/white color of the Candle Glow.