Monthly Archives: February 2014

Update With Some Pictures

Well, the collection is slowly growing. At this moment I have 20 different phones and number 21 and 22 are on their way. In the Netherlands I found the Taj Mahal (new case with new ear-piece) and in the US I just bought the Petal Pink (new case with old ear-piece, as I already have the new ear-piece in this color).

The Taj Mahal was not in too good shape but it was a bargain. This one probably needs a rough sanding job. I have done that before and the result is sometimes surprisingly good. There is also a crack that needs to be worked on, so let’s see what comes out.

The picture on the left are all cases with the new ear-piece. The picture on the right shows the old cases, which I only have 2, and new cases with the old ear-piece. It is getting kinda complex now 😉