We Have Always Been Here

In my hometown we have the so called ‘Textielmuseum‘ (Museum of Textiles) for many years already. It is there because the city has an history in the production of textiles and fabrics until the 1960-70’s. Production was, around that time, slowly moved to other, lower cost, countries. And all that was left were empty factories which became part of the cities industrial heritage.

And of course the Textielmuseum. 🙂

From June 9th 2018 to November 11th 2018 there will be an exhibition called ‘Simply Scandinavian | Nordic Design 1945-2018‘.‘Does this information have anything to do with Ericofons?’ I can hear you say. Of course the main subject will be related to fabrics but I was asked to deliver an Ericofon to match the exhibition. Not sure, but I believe as an attribute.

And of course I could only say that it would be an honor to do so. No doubt about that. A shiny Mandarin red Telia Ericofon will appear somewhere in the exhibition. I am really excited.

But of course, besides the Ericofon, I expect the exhibition to be very interesting as well. So please support the museum and go there!! They have lots of interesting stuff.

As said, the museum exists for a long time already and I can remember the first time I visited it, over 40 years ago. It must be back in 1975 or so…  I got lost on my bike going there with some schoolfriends.  But in the end we managed to find the museum.

It was there, it is still there and it will always be there.

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