The Collection Today – Statistics

So, where am I with my collection today? As said, it is now growing slowly since it is getting more and more difficult to find new models and colors for a good price. Most of the common models and colors are there, but from time to time I run into something interesting. You have to be lucky sometimes.

An inventory learned that I currently have 3 old cases, 7 new cases (old ear-piece), 15 new cases (new ear-piece) and 1 model 700.

I try to avoid double colors of a certain model if there is no good reason  but I have one double Persian Grey model. There is a small difference between the 2 ear-pieces that I’ll show you later. Besides the ear-piece difference, one of the Persian Greys does not have a regular dial face but a dial of the manual service Ericofon.

So the counter today stops at 26.

In total I bought 80 Ericofons so far. After cleaning, lubricating , fixing and restoring I sold a lot of them to other collectors all around the world. It really feels good to save them from ending up in the garbage and find a new home for them. The ones that could not be saved are used for spare parts. Only 7 shells are not recoverable. I should find some destination for these shells. Any ideas?

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