Tectonic Plates

This week I received a small present from my kids. In a second-hand store they found a few small ceramic ‘plates’ used to put glasses on to protect the table. Not sure if this is a typical dutch item or invention… ­čśë Originally it used to be a set of 6, as I found out, but I only have 3. Luckily the Ericofon was there.


The set was made in 1970, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ericsson in The Netherlands (1920 – 1970). ┬áThe Ericofon was introduced 8 years later… which makes me think it is a standard set. Are there more around? The plates measure 10 cm in diameter, so they do not have typical┬átectonic sizes.

Update 09/05/2020:

Another coaster representing the Ericofon. Made in 1978, and as part of a set of 6 different phones, this was to celebrate the ‘telefoondistric ‘s-Gravenhage’ (telephony disctric of The Hague). It measures 9×9 cm.┬á

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