Sickness Of Snakes

In these surreal times around the globe you will also get a sort of update from my side, although Ericofons are not the most important issue on earth nowadays… With the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly in most countries, only a loud call for an S.O.S would be relevant from the Cobra.

Corona around Royal Dubonnet

Although snakes are not related in the virus development as far as we know it, the title implies exactly what it is about. A silent enemy that creeps closer without us noticing it, SOS! But how difficult times will be, we always have to stay positive and do our best to come out strong. As spring has started today with a blue sunny sky and nature awakes with blossom on trees and bushes this is hopefully more easy.

My message to all of you would be to please folow the local rules and regulations that apply to your country. You can spread it when you are not sick at all. Take care and most of all: stay healthy!!

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