I Am The Green Child

The Old Case Crystal Mint has arrived and it is just great. There was a small crack on the rear but I managed to get this to disappear. A bit of glue did the trick, it melted both ends together and not even a hair-crack can be seen. Or my eyes are getting bad, or this was just a perfect fix.

Here are the 3 Crystal Mints with the 3 Saharas.



Just a note on the namings that I use to identify the different shells.

The ones in the front I call ‘Old Case’. These are a bit taller than the other 2 cases and the oldest in age. The ones in the middle I call ‘Old Ear-piece’, or ‘Flat Ear-piece’. The third model, in the back, I do not specifically call names but sometimes it is referred to as ‘Wedge Ear-piece’. For me these are the standard cases as they were the only ones ever sold in The Netherlands.

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