Below is an overview of the 80 models I have collected until today, since recently displayed in my beautiful cupboard. 

I got myself a Royal Dubonnet (Flat) and a Princess Pink (wedge) as well, but they are  not in the pictures yet. Will update them as soon as I have some time.

  1. Accent Green (Old Case)
  2. Accent Green (Flat)
  3. Crystal Mint (Old Case)
  4. Crystal Mint (Flat)
  5. Crystal Mint (Touch Tone)
  6. Crystal Mint
  7. Chartreuse (Old Case → making my set of 18 Old Cases complete)
  8. Chartreuse (Flat)
  9. Aqua Mist (Old Case)
  10. Aqua Mist (Flat, NE manual)
  11. Aqua Mist (Touch Tone)
  12. Aqua Mist
  13. Nordic Blue (Old Case)
  14. Nordic Blue (Flat)
  15. Wedgwood (Old Case)
  16. Wedgwood (Touch Tone)
  17. Wedgwood (Arabic dial)
  18. Sahara (Old Case)
  19. Sahara (Flat)
  20. Sahara (Touch Tone)
  21. Sahara
  22. Sandalwood (Old Case)
  23. Sandalwood (Flat)
  24. Sandalwood (Touch Tone)
  25. Sandalwood
  26. Brown (Touch Tone, CEAC painted)
  27. Brown (North Electric)
  28. Brown (CEAC painted)
  29. PTT Brown
  30. Royal Dubonnet (Old Case)
  31. Royal Dubonnet (Flat, → NEW)
  32. Charcoal (Old Case)
  33. Orange BPO
  34. Mandarin Red (Old Case)
  35. Mandarin Red (Flat)
  36. Mandarin Red (Touch Tone)
  37. Mandarin Red ( Oslo, Norway dial)
  38. PTT Red
  39. Dusty Rose (Old Case)
  40. Dusty Rose (Flat) 
  41. Princess Pink (Old Case)
  42. Princess Pink (Flat)
  43. Princess Pink (→ NEW)
  44. Petal Pink (Flat)
  45. Petal Pink (Touch Tone)
  46. Petal Pink
  47. Riviera (Old Case)
  48. Riviera (Flat)
  49. Golden Glow (Old Case)
  50. Golden Glow (Flat)
  51. Golden Glow
  52. Harvest Gold
  53. Candle Glow (Old Case)
  54. Candle Glow (Flat)
  55. Candle Glow (Touch Tone)
  56. Candle Glow (LME manual)
  57. Taj Mahal (Old Case)
  58. Taj Mahal (Flat)
  59. Taj Mahal (Touch Tone)
  60. Taj Mahal
  61. PTT White
  62. Persian Gray (Old Case)
  63. Persian Gray (Flat)
  64. Persian Gray
  65. Aztec Gold Plate (Flat)
  66. Aztec Gold Plate
  67. Gold Plate (Flat)
  68. Gold Plate
  69. Chrome Plate (my 50th, silver is gold 😉 )
  70. Green Leather (→ Crystal Mint shell)
  71. Persian Gray (→ PBX side button)
  72. Golden Glow (→ PBX back button)
  73. Nichco Metallic Orange
  74. Nichco Metallic Green
  75. Nichco Metallic Blue (Flat)
  76. 700 White (11 button version)
  77. 700 Brown
  78. 700 Orange
  79. 700 Green
  80. 700 Blue

View the shelfs a bit more closer hereunder:

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11 thoughts on “Collection

  1. Thor Krafft

    Very nice collection. I am also a collector but I don’t have a collection as nice as yours.


    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the compliment. Yes, some colors are still missing, these are typical colors made made for the US market and very rare. The good thing is that there will always be a reason to keep collecting. 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you. At this moment the interesting models are harder to get. But that is also part of the fun.


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