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No New World

As winter has its long dark evenings and there is not so much to do, I was spending my time on the internet. Nothing better to do I guess. Actually the same reason why you are here. 😉

I came across a few nice cartoons with the Ericofon playing the role of the phone in the story. Well casted!

Les Aventures de Jodelle by Guy Peellaert & Pierre Bartier (Paris 1966)

Les Panthères: L’ Homme qui refusait la vie by Édouard Aidans & Michel Greg (Brussels 1974)

These two examples are not really new but they reflect an older world, like 40-50 years ago. If you have any more recent examples, let me know and I will be happy to add them here.


An original press picture from 1956, used in a newspaper at that time. Bought this one recently and I think it fits very well with the collection. Besides the phones itself it is sometimes tempting to also collect some accessoires and other stuff. Where does it end…

I really like the atmosphere that the image reflects. The clean monochrome photography is really beautifully done. It has a certain charm.

The picture was published on Sunday November 11, 1956. I am not aware in which newspaper that was.

“The Ericofon, a new one piece telephone, was tested by Miss Claire Jensen, a secretary at a Chicago hotel. The model is about half the size of the conventional two piece phone. The Ericofon combines the dial, speaking and hearing apparatus into a single unit.” 

The phone used is most likely an old case Taj Mahal. I guess the model they refer to in the text is not Miss Claire… 😉


Some weeks ago I was, coincidentally, in the Ericsson officebuilding  in The Netherlands.

As you might know, Ericsson started with the production of telephone sets in 1879, when the first model was produced by Lars Magnus himself. This was 3 years after he founded Ericsson.

This continued until 2001, the moment in time the joint-venture with Sony was born. SonyEricsson lasted for 10 years and in 2011 the last model was produced under that flag. That was it, no more handsets for Ericsson after 132 years. They are now fully focussing on infrastructure.

In the corridors of the Ericsson building, a large amount of ‘nostalgia’ is displayed. Amongst other very interesting stuff there were also a few Ericofons shown. I caught a glimpse of them passing by.

We have the typical Dutch PTT Dark Brown on the left. It was obviously displayed as of 2016, with the 140th birthday of Ericsson as a company.

In the right picture there is the Mandarin Red (not the Dutch PTT Dark Red, maybe I could sell them a chassis and a gasket)  , Taj Mahal (not the Dutch PTT White) and Wedgwood. Obviously all together representing the Dutch flag.

Update 09/04/2018:

Visiting the Ericsson office in Belgium, I also ran into a displayed Ericofon. Here they have the White 700 displayed in the public lobby.

Rosa Decidua

In my never ending search for new models I am exploring all the corners of vintage stores, second hand shops, flea markets and the internet. There I encounter many different Ericofons.

Some are in good shape, some are in bad shape. Sometimes you see surprises and nice to haves, and sometimes you run into very, very ugly Ericofons: painted.

If the color of your Ericofon might not be your favorite color (anymore), I can agree that you want to paint it. But then I would prefer a one color version and not a pattern. Patterns, hmm, I don’t know. See also the post on the other creative activity: ugly lights.

Besides the painting in a different color, you also find very creative utterings. Floral Ericofons are rather common, for some reason the Ericofon invites people to think about flowers. Below are 2 examples from the net of floral design that go far beyond painting only…

If both phones where decorated by the same person, I do not know. But there is a sort of resemblance. Coincidence or a natural way of putting flowers on the shape?

After showing these floral phone pictures to my daughers they were inspired and asked me for a shell as well to get rid of their creative energy. Since I had one left that could not be saved anymore I gave it to them. See the result below. Surprisingly a non floral design. Actually I like it, but I might be a bit prejudiced.

This is the only smart-Ericofon as far as I know. It runs the most recent ‘Safari’ version without problems. Apple should like it. 😉



The picture above shows a patent filed by Hugo Blomberg in 1968 and published in 1970. It is a so called wallbracket for standing telephones. More information can be found here. To my understanding this is the first patent for this kind of accessory. A rather strange looking phonestand I would say. Not sure if they were ever put into production.

Since 1968 a few more patents can be found. This is another one from Hugo Blomberg with more or less the same purpose, filed in 1976.


More information on this wall-stand for telephone sets of standing handset type patent can be found here.  For some reason I do not have any connection with these kind of inventions. Nevertheless there was even a patent filed in 2013 for mobile phones…

The dutch word for wall is muur by the way.

Absolute Elsewhere


“Haha, the Dutch are not going to the European Championships?”

The picture was not made by me 😉  but was taken at the 1958 World Cup at the Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm. It shows Pelé and the Brazilian team.