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Out In The Cold

On the Dutch Wikipedia there is a nice picture of a very large Ericofon. The picture was taken on April 5th 1964 on the T-Bana (Swedish metro/subway) station of Telefonplan, Stockholm at its opening.

Telefonplan is a square in Stockholm where a factory and the headquaters of Ericsson was located at that time.

Obviously the Ericofon was important enough in 1964 to be shown so large and out in the cold.

Baby Food

It is already 5 years ago that I started this blog. The idea was to tell something on what I would come across in Ericofon-land, while taking my own collection a step further than where it was at that moment. Not at all knowing what would follow and if there was something to share at all.

In retrospective, it has been a pretty nice journey so far. At least for me… I really enjoyed it. Sorting out things, making some pictures, thinking about the next subject… I hope that you as a reader did not yawn too much as I am aware that this is a very specific subject. But no worries if you do indeed appreciate it, I have a social life as well and many other interests. One of them should be quite obvious from the site if you dig around.

As long as I can I will still share information with you, my dear reader 😉 Once a month is more or less okay for me. If you have any feedback, ideas, questions, information, pictures or any other contribution from your side, that would be more than welcome. I would also be willing to buy Ericofons from you if you are fed up with them…


Yesterday I watched a Dutch movie on the abduction of Freddy Heineken, the owner of the Heineken beercompany, in The Netherlands in 1983. The movie was made in 2011.

On the picture the girl is going for the truth. She’s calling her boyfriend with a nice red Ericofon which resulted in the localization of one of the criminals.


Actually it is half the truth. The Ericofon used is not a typical Dutch model. The color is Mandarin Red, not PTT Red and the dial face is not black but white. There is also a text on the dial face that I cannot read. The British Post Office tends to place texts on the dial face.

There were Mandarins around in The Netherlands, but they are not very common. Usually they are found in the borderregion with Germany (imported?), not in Amsterdam where this event was located.

Nevertheless it could still be historically correct, but I doubt. The Ericofon is found numerous times in the media. There are a lot of appearances in movies.

Remote Viewing

This movie gives you, despite the clumsy acting, a nice overview on the era of this phone. Not only the dresses, the suits, the cars but also the use language and the speed of the story.

Er(ot)icofon ;-)

Since you are visiting this site you most likely see the sensual side of the Ericofon as well 😉 It is just a sexy phone.

Below is a nice clip from… well, just watch.

The image below seems to be from a Danish adult magazine. I found it on the web somewhere and couldn’t resist posting it.



And some other nice phone with a lady attached to it.