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Autumn Equinox II

Last year we had a warm autumn and on the edge of winter I was able to purchase my Old Case Dusty Rose. Still one of the most fabulous colors in the Ericofon range if you ask me.  Are you? 😉 The warmth of the rose-pink color is just so intense.

Around one year later, we have a warm autumn again, and another Dusty Rose popped up. A New Case flat this time and I am actually expecting it to arrive this week.

On top of that, and on the same day I was getting things arranged for the Dusty Rose, I ran in on a New Case Nordic Blue… that is at least what I think it will be. Like with the post on the disclaimer I am not sure on the color for this one.

It is so hard to buy from the screen only. But as this was an opportunity that I had to act on quickly I took the chance. The price was okay for that. The seller was refering to it as ‘liteblue’ but also had an Aqua Mist for sale…  So let’s hope that this surprise is a nice one but it can still be a Wedgwood or an Aqua Mist anyway. It is from the same seller as the Riviera on the ‘disclaimer’ post. Crappy pictures that turn out to be right…?

So maybe this autumn is a turning point in my collection with 2 rare New Case models in one week. Of course I will post some new and decent pictures once they are in the house. The ones above are from the sellers.

Update 06/11/2017:

A real beauty next to her older sister (Hmm, I smell a touch of exaggeration here… I have kids so why am I saying this 😉 )

Update 14/11/2017:

A real beauty next to his older brother (I am doing it again)… The expected phone is indeed a Nordic Blue. Great!! I am done for this year.

Both Nordic Blue models have a slightly different color tone. The Old Case is a bit more grayed overtime. I guess the Old Case suffered a bit more in the years it was exposed to sun and perhaps smoke. The New Case is more sparkling, which is relatively in this case since the blue is not that exuberant.  The insides are similarly colored, the New Case has code 520542 inside.

March Of Time

Since the Ericofon is such an icon in design, not only in Sweden, but also in the rest of the world, it can be found on many occasions and in many books and movies.

But that is not all.

In December 1999 the Swedish postal services issued a stamp with the Ericofon printed on it. It was part of a series of 10 stamps indicating the many Swedish landmarks in industry and society during the millennium that was going to end.

The series is called ‘vårt nittonhundratal’ meaning ‘our twentieth century’. This is the second series of 10 stamps.

So the Ericsson Ericofon is there, on one stamp called ‘inventions’ with the pyramid package from Tetrapak and the Volvo 3 point seatbelt. Good company, right?

By the way, the Ericsson T28 cell phone is on the series 3 stamp ‘technology and inventions’.

As Pure As? II

As updated in the last post, there was a metallic green on its way as well. Recently I received it by mail from the lovely country of Italy. Strangly I did never encounter these metallic in the past and now suddenly two in one month.



Here are both metallic phones in between their ‘pure’ equivalents. Howmany Nichco colors there are is not clear, and I also do not know the exact color of this green one. Is it dark green or light… or just in between… Confusing.


The green is a kind of mid-green. Not really dark green and for sure not light. 




Let’s see if there are more out there that I can find over time. Actually they look pretty cool I must admit. Especially when there is some light on the paint.

As Pure As?

In the late 1970’s, when the Ericofon became less popular, the company Nichco Inc, in Mansfield Ohio decided to spice up the Ericofon again. With remaining stock of the Ericofon they sort of launched a metallic series of Ericofons. The painting was done in a professional way. If you ask me it is more professionally done than the CEAC paintings. It is not certain how many different metallic colors were produced. Richard Rose has 12 different in his collection at this moment if I am not mistaken.

Nichco also produced phones themselves and here and there some of the phones pop up. But I know them mainly for the metallic line of Ericofons. A typical sticker of Nichco can be seen on all of their phones, including the Ericofon painted by them. By the way: it is only a 30 minutes drive from Galion (North Electric) to Mansfield (Nichco)…

Last week I was able to purchase this ‘metallic orange’ painted by Nichco. Starting to photograph the metallic surface, it is hard to grasp the actual color. When there is a lot of light the phone is closed to orange, when there is less direct light it tends to brown.

The inside of the phone is an unmarked K7 chassis with an Ericotone 3. The Sahara shell is from 1973, as is the microphone.

Here’s an indication of the color, compared to the BPO Orange and Mandarin Red. The first picture was made in direct light, the second a bit more in the shades.

As this is not really the ‘pure’ Ericofon I was doubting if I should go for the metallic series as well. But as it is part of the official history, this seems to be the only logical way forward. As pure as it can get.

Update 28/07/2017:

Yesterday I purchased another Nichco metallic model in a beautiful dark green color.  Can’t wait to see it in real life. 🙂

Contains a Disclaimer

Late yesterday evening I encountered an Old Case Ericofon on the internet. Suspected color: Riviera.

Quick action was needed as it was already getting late here in the Netherlands and I definitly needed to get some sleep.

So I contacted the owner and asked him to open up the phone and identify the exact color. The answer came right away and I expected an email with 520540 in big letters… But what do you think? Right… no code inside.

So, the color is ‘a bit’ undefined here. As I am not sure what the exact color is the final price was negociable.

On all the laptops, phones and tablets in the house I checked the color with my own Riviera (new case flat). All screens show a totally different shade of the color. But this seems to be the color I am looking for. I hope it is not a Petal Pink or a Sahara.

So… now I will be waiting under the mailbox for a week or 2, I guess. With a disclaimer on the color until it arrives.

It will come from Fargo in the US. For those who have seen the movie, you can for sure imagine what I will do with the seller if this is not a Riviera… Seems to be local folklore.

The latter comes with a disclaimer too. 😉

Update 29/06/2017:

Yes! This is a Riviera!!! 🙂 There is no color code inside this one, but the outside and the inside are exactly the same color. So I am very happy to announce that my second Riviera is a fact now.

Tiny Golden Books

The weather is getting better and summertime is coming. My garden is screaming for attention. Everything is growing rapidly so I have to give it once in a while.

There are some Ericofons that need attention too. In my ESD compliant warehouse you can see what I am still working on, in total 10 Ericofons.

Two NOS shells and two painted shells. All 4 to be completed to actual Ericofons. Not too much but some work is still to be done and I need some for this as well. Then there are 3 yellowed cases that need a rescue activity by color restoration. That is a load of work and in this case I do not like it. Two others are only to be checked and cleaned which is an easy job.

Work on Ericofons is getting less and less at the moment. My own collections grows slowly, in contrast to the garden, and the attractive deals stay out already for quite some time now.

To survive autumn and winter, maybe I should consider writing a book… 😉

Circles of Mania II

Just yesterday I received 2 Sandalwood models with a special dial face. Actually I bought the 2 phones because of the dial faces.

Due to shortage of Ericofons in the US, North Electric imported phones from Sweden or other markets. Those were then adapted to the specific US market needs.

To rebrand this dial face from Swedish to US type, a sticker on the outer part of the dial face has been applied to have the typical letters available.

More information on rebranding can be found in a previous post on these circles of mania.

Crumb Time

So far I have been posting articles every month but this month I have been extremely busy with my work and some holidays as well. Not too bad so I am not complaining. There was just no time to prepare a post at all.

There has been little to no activity in the Ericofon field. Nothing bought, nothing sold. Usually there is something happening, but not this time.

If you are curious on what happened to the activities and phones in the previous post… the answer is nothing at all… 😉

Blue II

About 2 years ago I posted ‘Blue’ when my first Old Case blue, which appeared to be a Wedgwood, was a fact. Received it during the X-Mas holidays in 2014, from Sweden. Now I have all three blue colors in the Old Case. Wedgwood, Aqua Mist and Nordic Blue. The Aqua Mist and the Nordic Blue are North Electric models.

On top of that my daughters surprised me, during the season holidays, with a very nice old Ericsson suitcase. In fact it is a toolcase which they found on a local fleamarket, and they could not resist it. Nice for dad’s phone tools 😉 Of course it is blue as well. The ‘old’ Ericsson blue, but blue.