Light Shining Darkly

There is something with people, Ericofons and …… lights.

Over the years, searching for Ericofons and information on this phone, I came across a lot of modified Ericofons. I fairly do not know why people do this. It is ugly. There is no other word to it. Below you will see two pictures from the web to illustrate the general idea.

Lamp2 Lamp1

Actually in all lights you see the same setup. A lampshade on top of the phone. A hole drilled in the phone to mount it. *aaaarrgh*

And it hurts to think about the idea that these phones might still have been in working order.

Sofar I haven’t seen a creative mind think about another setup.

I hardly dare to mention it but I have to admit that I also own an Ericofon lamp, thanks to Peter who was so friendly to give it to me as a present.  😉 But this one is different… it is an Ericofon and a lamp, but still different.


A battery operated Ericofon torch. As you can see the neck is slightly bend forward to have the light shining on the table. Since I know the creator, I know that this shell was too bad to serve any other purpose. Very handy when I am working on my phones… 😉

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