If you have any Ericofons for sale; in parts or complete; I am willing to buy!

These I will use to complete my own collection or I will work on them to get them back in good shape and make other collectors happy with them.

So please, if you have any Ericofons, parts or any other related items, you would to get rid off and want to make sure it ends in a good place, send me a message and let’s get in touch.

Models I am still looking for myself at this moment to add to my collection:

  1. Wedgwood (Blue) New Case Flat
  2. Harvest Gold New Case Flat – if existing or CEAC type
  3. Some touch tones (e.g. Persian Grey, Princess Pink)
  4. Metallic painted models by Nichco
  5. All specials (e.g. Clear, Swirl, other Leather)
  6. Improvements of models I already have